£11.44 per hour + £1.38 holiday pay
Advertising End Date
16 Jul 2024

Role & Department Overview

The Company: NuGreen is a research led sustainability consultancy business in Cumbria and specialists in supporting the sustainable management of healthcare waste and supply chain decarbonisation. NuGreen was awarded B Corp status in November 2023. There are 3 cornerstones of our business, and we will not start a project unless it reduces emissions, reduces costs, and values materials and resources for as long as possible through recycling or a circular economy.

The biggest driving force behind our project is the desire to help our local community by decarbonising healthcare in Cumbria, before replicating and scaling it up nationally. Through correct waste segregation, we can divert waste from incineration, the current incineration process contributes to air pollution which affects respiratory health and places further strain on the healthcare system and reduces the quality of life for its sufferers. The supply chain and waste management represents 67% of NHS emissions, roughly 21 megatons of CO2e. By decarbonising clinical pathways and improving waste disposal practices, the NHS can reduce a significant portion of its emissions. As a result, the communities they serve will live in healthier environments with better air quality. 

Project background

NuGreen want to develop a behavioural science framework for the first stage of their approach to pin point interventions that may increase the likelihood of success for sustainable change.

For example:

  • Where is education lacking, is this generic or down to an individual?
  • Is the change workflow disrupted leading to poor results?
  • Are recycling bins available or just a single clinical waste bin?

It is hoped that the resulting interventions will lead to significant carbon reductions and develop a sustainable community based mindset.

The project will build upon an existing literature review NuGreen has developed with a focus on creating a framework that would enable NuGreen researchers to better understand current behavioural practices, and how they might work to change those practices within particular care pathways.

There is the potential for further contracted work with NuGreen following this project. 


Pay Rate: £11.44 per hour plus £1.38 holiday pay

Start Date: 29th July 2024

End Date: 29th September 2024

Working Pattern: Varied

Job Description

NuGreen Ltd has been awarded a student internship to develop or adapt behavioural frameworks for the observation of sustainable behaviours in healthcare.
Project aims and objectives
The project objective is to develop an observational framework that can be used across multiple care settings to identify the flow of materials and associated behaviours that lead to waste generation and sustainable resource use. The data generated from the observational framework would identify the efficiency of material use and the associated behaviours. The observational framework will increase the resilience of the NuGreen Four Stage Approach and gather actionable insights quickly to drive our sustainability agenda in Cumbria and Lancashire.

Main project activities
Main project activities include:
  • Reviewing literature on existing observational frameworks in a clinical environment and the success of behavioural inventions in reducing waste creation/ improving recycling/ segregation.
  • Investigating how to build a framework that is appropriate for a behaviour observation study before advising on the design of a framework(s) appropriate for the NuGreen 4 Stage Approach.
  • Studying literature on material flow analysis and waste audits, the implications of improper segregation, existing sustainability efforts and policies in the NHS, and science backed approaches to behavioural frameworks. 
This project is funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. 

Person Specification

This role is open to current Lancaster University students from all faculties.  

There is flexibility around the project depending on the skills and experience of the student, but the focus will be towards understanding how to develop the framework – through exploring best practice approaches within the literature, and understanding how other researchers have worked to support behavioural change within clinical settings. 


The role would suit a student who:

  • can conduct independent research,
  • is flexible, organized and self-motivated, 
  • has good written and verbal communication skills,
  • has data analysis experience,
  • is good at problem solving and planning,
  • is interested in behavioral or workflow analysis and frameworks that promote positive behavioral change,
  • has previous knowledge of sustainable and recycling behaviors and/or knowledge of unintended consequences and nudge theory.

Please provide a cover letter and CV with your application. Your cover letter should be no longer than one page of A4 and should describe your interest in the internship and what skills and experience you have that are relevant to the role. 


You are required to submit a cover letter to support your application. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered.

Please note:Unless specified otherwise in the advert wording, this role is only open to individuals living in the UK.

Under the terms of this work, we endeavour to provide the advertised number of hours however,hours are not guaranteed and that work may cease if there is a fall in demand. 

Adverts that display a closing date should be treated as a guide. We reserve the right to close the vacancy once we have received sufficient applications, so we advise you to submit your application as early as possible to prevent disappointment.


Help and advice on making applications can be found on the Lancaster University Careers pages. Visit www.lancaster.ac.uk/careers.