£11.44 per hour + £1.38 holiday pay
Advertising End Date
16 Jul 2024

Role & Department Overview

The company: Crossbank Dental Care is a 7- surgery dental practice situated in Kendal, owned and managed by directors Neil & Bex Cooper, with a team of 44 fab folks! Over the years, we have proactively pursued every viable opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint within the scope of our in-house resources and knowledge. Inspired initially by Yvon Chouinard's book "Let My People Go Surfing" back in 2005, we have implemented numerous environmentally-conscious practices years ahead of their time in the dental world - from LED lightbulbs when they were still cost-prohibitive luxuries nearly two decades ago through to recent installation of solar panels, an EV charging point, and 6 Intra-Oral Scanners.
Project background
As a responsible dental practice, Crossbank Dental Care recognise the importance of minimising environmental impact and aligning our operations with sustainable practices. The student intern will work together with Crossbank Dental Care and a local consultancy organization to more thoroughly understand their supply chain, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies to reduce carbon footprint within the procurement process and use of products The project will involve working with and building upon the work of a local sustainable consultancy firm to more thoroughly analyse the current supply chain and procurement practices, identifying the main providers of dental products and materials, their environmental policies, sustainability initiatives, and carbon footprint. Working with the consultancy to develop a more comprehensive plan to optimise their procurement strategies, focusing on reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining high-quality standards for our dental products and services.

Project Aims and Objectives:
  •  Conduct a thorough analysis of the current supply chain and procurement practices, identifying the main providers of dental products and materials.
  •  Evaluate the environmental policies, sustainability initiatives, and carbon footprint of the suppliers.
  •  Identify opportunities to reduce unnecessary consumption and waste in the procurement processes and in-house practices.
  •  Explore alternative suppliers or sourcing methods that prioritise environmental sustainability and ethical sourcing practices.
  •  Analyse data supplied re consumption/waste of products due to sell by/use by dates or over-ordering.
  •  Develop a comprehensive plan to optimise the procurement strategies, focusing on reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining high-quality standards for the dental products and services.
  •  Develop a plan for tracking usage.

Pay Rate: £11.44 per hour plus £1.38 holiday pay

Start Date: 29th July 2024

End Date: 29th September 2024 

Working Pattern: Varied

Job Description

Crossbank Dental Care has been awarded a student internship to explore the proposal to identify opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint of their procurement process.
Main Project Activities
  • Gather data on  current supply chain, including a detailed list of suppliers, products, and quantities purchased.
  •  Assess the environmental impact of our suppliers through research, surveys, and communication with their representatives.
  •  Analyse our procurement processes, identifying areas where consumption can be reduced, waste can be minimised, and efficiency can be improved.
  •  Explore alternative suppliers or sourcing methods that align with our environmental goals, such as local or regional suppliers, suppliers with robust sustainability initiatives, or suppliers that offer eco-friendly or recyclable products.
  •  Develop a comprehensive procurement strategy that incorporates environmental considerations, such as minimising transportation distances, reducing packaging waste, and prioritising sustainable and ethical sourcing practices.
  •  Collaborate with stakeholders, including dental professionals, staff, and suppliers, to ensure the successful implementation of the new procurement strategies.
The successful applicant will receive 75-hours of student research time, which will be funded by the W&F Green Enterprise Hub Projects will be delivered over the summer between June to September 2024 on a timeframe agreed between the student and company, and will culminate in a report/presentation/recommendations 
This project is funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. 

Person Specification

This role is open to current Lancaster University students from all faculties.  


The role would suit a student with (or with a keen interest in developing) skills and knowledge in: 

  • Research and Analytics: to collect, organise and interpret data from various sources such collation of supply chain processes, including supplier evaluation, procurement strategies, inventory management, and logistics.
  •  Environmental Analysis: to assess the environmental impact of products, services, and operations, including carbon footprint calculations, & waste management.
  •  Strategic Planning: to develop comprehensive strategies and action plans for implementing sustainable procurement practices and optimising supply chain operations.
  •  Sustainability Practices: it would be beneficial to have familiarity with sustainable business practices, environmental regulations, and industry-specific sustainability initiatives related to the dental industry.
Please provide a cover letter and CV with your application. Your cover letter should be no longer than one page of A4 and should describe your interest in the internship and what skills and experience you have that are relevant to the role.

You are required to submit a cover letter to support your application. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered.

Please note:Unless specified otherwise in the advert wording, this role is only open to individuals living in the UK.

Under the terms of this work, we endeavour to provide the advertised number of hours however,hours are not guaranteed and that work may cease if there is a fall in demand. 

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