£8.72 per hour plus £1.05 holiday pay
24 Nov 2020

Role & Department Overview

Accidental Brewery was set up in November 2018 and is classed as a Nano-brewery as it’s brew house is less than 300L in capacity. They produce a wide range of modern beer styles and are currently rated number 2 on the UK list of top breweries, using the Untapped website. The brewery would like to improve their hoppy beers by extracting more hop oils when adding hops to the fermenter, this is known as ‘dry hopping’. Larger breweries use a device such as a hop gun to do this, however, they are not available on a small scale.

With this in mind the company have identified an engineering design opportunity to identify the possibility of creating a hop gun on a much smaller scale than what is currently available. Utilising a hop gun would not only create a better quality of beer but it would also allow the beer to be produced more quickly. Satisfying the needs of their wholesale customers and also allowing the company to approach new wholesale customers as they will have the capacity to fulfil their orders. 

The placement is an opportunity to apply product design and development experience in the design lifecycle of a product, which would be a great addition to The Accidental Brewery, to aid in the production of their top quality beers.
Start Date: Beginning of December
Work Pattern/Duration: The internship will be a total of 140 hours over 7-10 weeks, there is some flexibility within these hours. The internship will be worked remotely.
Interview Date: End of November, conducted via video.

Job Description

As previously mentioned the brewery require the design expertise of a Lancaster University Engineering student in the concept and design of a hop gun. Currently the brewery can produce 140L of beer in one brew. They are hoping to expand the brewery to 500L, but this is still very small and most hop guns are manufactured for breweries making at least 1000L per brew. 
  • The chosen candidate would be required to have some skills regarding fluid dynamics to understand the flow of beer through the hop gun to best utilise the hops which are packed within the device. 
  • The device will also require flushing with CO2 at the start of the process, to ensure no Oxygen is left.
  • The hop gun would normally be run under some pressure too, so the safety aspects of this would be very important to the completed design.

Person Specification

  • The ideal candidate for this role would be an individual from an engineering discipline who is confident to lead the engineering activities.
  • Strong initiative with a thorough and focused approach
  • Keen analytical mind with excellent problem-solving skills
  • Experience in 3D computer aided design (CAD) software   
  • Knowledge and understanding of Engineering principles 
  • Experience Realising a product design specification
  • An understanding of materials selection and sourcing
  • Strong communication and research skills

Working in this role will help to develop the following skills and experience:

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Decisiveness
  • Integrity
  • Problem Solving
  • Research
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork

You are required to submit a cover letter to support your application. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered.


Under the terms of this work, we endeavour to provide the advertised number of hours however, hours are not guaranteed and that work may cease if there is a fall in demand. 


Adverts that display a closing date should be treated as a guide. We reserve the right to close the vacancy once we have received sufficient applications, so we advise you to submit your application as early as possible to prevent disappointment.

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